“...because gardening
is our artform”

It is the art and science of planning the organization of land uses in such a way that its visual effects maintain or upgrade the psychological mood of man.

"It is the art and science that studies, evaluates and analyzes natural, ecological and social factors, deals with the planned and rational design of outdoor spaces of any size while combining functionality and aesthetics for their best use by humans."
(Kantartzis - Tsalikidis 1978)

Functionality - Aesthetics - Use
According to others, Landscape Architecture deals with the conservation of the land, the development of areas for various uses, the sensitive placement of buildings in the space and the general achievement of the aesthetic order, which aims at the best possible relationship between man and the environment. in which he lives (Johnson Roy). That is, the ability not only to change the natural landscape but also the whole form of the environment whether it is a suburban forest or the city center or a huge residential complex.

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Our philosophy

The company's philosophy is that the garden is important no matter how big or small it is. Applying the garden and agricultural knowledge and taking into account the personal taste and desires of the customer, the ideal result is achieved. From the study and design to the implementation of the construction of the garden, we use methods and technology that guarantees the perfect aesthetics of the space.
The maintenance work is performed based on the real needs of the garden, thus ensuring its longevity and evolution.

Irrigation systems
Supplies of materials
plants - machinery
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Construction (green projects)
Lawn construction

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